Hatch Finatic

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Product Description

If you head to the Caribbean, you’ll probably see Hatch reels on the lodge’s loaner rack and for good reason...resort owners know they’re reliable even when challenged by big permit or tarpon and harsh saltwater conditions. So, just think what they’re like for freshwater situations? We like the fact the reels have been specially machined for rigidity, including the machined solid reel foot. Jim has used Hatch reels extensively in saltwater situations and has always found the sealed drag to be buttery-smooth and, of course, sealed to eliminate maintenance issues. The drag itself consists of a stack of Rulon and stainless steel disks that (1) provide multiple square inches of drag surface area and (2) helps to dissipate heat across multiple materials. And, the ability of Hatch reels to accommodate 3 line sizes gives you all kinds of flexibility. Oh, did we mention that Hatch is the only manufacturer to offer a lifetime warranty without handling fees if something (however unlikely) goes wrong with your reel? Cool.
Reel covers given line weight plus 2
Example: 5 plus=5, 6, 7 weight lines
4 plus=4, 5, 6