Fishpond Nomad Net

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Product Description

These Nomad nets are awesome!! Fishpond saw something special in the Nomad net company and decided to purchase them. That’s why Fishpond nets are all have “Nomad” in their name.

- Made from a Carbon Fiber & Fiberglass composite material
- The Nomad is waterproof, weatherproof & buoyant
- Clear rubber net bag included--Black bag sold separately
- Features Fishpond’s proprietary finish, “RiverKote.” RiverKote provides a rubberized, non-slip finish so your net hand won’t slip when landing the big one.
-These nets come in several different finishes or colors. Please use our “size” and “color” matrix to determine what looks best to you. Unfortunately, Fishpond does not manufacture every net in every color.


In general, Fishpond categorizes the shorter nets as “Wading Nets” and the longer nets are considered to be “Boat Nets.” The styles are primarily differentiated by the length of the net and, to some extent, the size of each net’s “head” or opening. There is also some differences in the depth of each net’s rubber bag. This is particularly true with the deeper “Boat Net” bags.

The shortest nets are the “Wading Nets.” The “Hand Net” and the “Native Net” come in at about 26 inches. The differentiator here is that the “Native” has a much narrower head opening at 8.5” versus the 13” inch wide opening on the “Hand.”

The next step up in size comes with the “Nomad Mid-Length” at 37 inches. It has almost the same head dimensions as the
The “Hand Net” but is longer by 11 inches.

The “El Jefe” and the “El Jefe Grande” have the same sized head (13” Wide x 21.75”Long x 14”Deep). The “Grande sports an 11’ longer handle; 41.5’ long and 52.4” long respectively.

This brings us to the larger “Boat Net” styles. These nets are the longest nets that Fishpond offers and they provide very large net openings or “heads.” The “Mid-Length” boat net has a 44.75” handle and the full-sized “Boat Net” provides maximum reach at 55 inches. The boat nets share the same head dimensions of 16” Wide x 24.75” Long x 14” Deep.

FYI: The “El Jefe,” the “Guide Net” and the “Boat Net,” in the “Original” color scheme only, have a measuring scale (in inches) printed on the handle.


These are the preferred nets by our guides.

Most of our guides use the longer handled nets for both wade fishing and float fishing. The “Mid-Length” boat net will do the job whether on foot or floating a river or lake.

The “El Jefe” is popular with some of the “wade only” guides on our staff. They love the extra reach the “El Jeffe” provides and its good sized opening. That said, a couple of our float guides use the “El Jeffe” because it is so light and takes up such little room in the boat.

Guide Mitch Melichar says he’ll never lose another fish now that he has a Nomad Boat Net…….we shall see…..that certain;y hasn’t been the pattern up to now…..

Kory Lewis, one of our young river wizards, sports the mid-length “Colorado Edition” Nomad. He says it’s the perfect length for my needs” and that “as a Colorado born guide, I love being able to represent my home state of Colorado.”

Brandon Omahen comes in at well over 6 feet tall and has a wingspan to match. Rumor has it he can land a fish off of each bank from the middle of the river with his full sized “Nomad Boat Net.”