Sage 6010 Reel 9-10wt


Product Description

Sage 6010 Fly Fishing Reel
The Sage 6010 Fly Fishing Reel takes on big game fish with ease and is built sports car smooth and tank tough. From big bull Roosterfish trashing in the shallows to trophy Steelhead’s running downstream, the Sage 6010 Fly Reel puts the power in your hand to hammer down and control that hard charging fish of a lifetime. Built around an exclusive sealed multi-graphite disk drag unit, the 6010 Series Fly Reels resist salt, grit and dunkings to deliver buttery-smooth performance under tough conditions. Big fish and high drag settings? No problem. Just twist the numbered, one-revolution drag knob, strip out line, then return to the exact setting you’ve tested for consistent, reliable resistance levels. It takes 9 and 10-weight fly lines, and with an ingenious concave spool design, there's plenty of room for the insurance of extra backing. Both reel and the spool of the Sage 6010 Fly Reel are fully machined from Aircraft Aluminum and the whole assembly weighs just 8 3/4 ounces. The ground-breaking quick-change spool system is easy, fast, and reliable so you can change from floating to sinking lines in a flash. Left handed? No problem, the left/right retrieve is easy to convert and does not require a tool. The 6010 Fly reel was designed around Sage’s exclusive SCS drag system. This extremely lightweight, easy to use and maintenance free drag is a fully sealed system using precision-engineered carbon and stainless steel. When big one likes your presentation and cones in for the kill, the Sage 6010’s silky smooth resistance will efficiently dissipate the heat of the battle using 9 Carbon washers that can withstand the high pressure and temperature needed to tame the beast. It does all this with a minimum of weight; allowing fly fishermen more line feel and the ability to make more casts without fatigue. Fly fishing for big game walks a thin line between art and strength; let the Sage 6010 Fly Fishing Reel be your brush that paints a picture the big one will never forget