Summit Hiker And Ski Touring Guide


Product Description

Popular Colorado author, Mary Ellen Gilliland, introduces hikers, cross-country skiers and snowshoers to alpine Summit County's great outdoors, with fifty trails to mine camps, ghost towns, historic high passes, lakes and waterfalls.
Trails follow 1860s pack train paths, 1870s stagecoach tracks and 1880s narrow-gauge railway routes.

Nature hikes, peak climbs and trails selected for spectacular mountain scenery invite all kinds of walkers, from families with young children to advanced hikers with mountaineering skills, to explore Summit County, Colorado's exciting high country terrain.

The author walked and skied the guide's trails, carefully compiled driving directions researched each locale's history and worked closely with the U.S. Forest Service to produce an accurate, up-to-date guidebook specifically for Summit County.

Trails for every ability await a range of hikers, from families with kids to mountaineers:

Check out the "Special Trails for Kids" and trails listed as "Easy" in the "Trails by Difficulty" Section.

Look for "Moderate" and "More Difficult" trails in the "Hikes by Difficulty" section.

Advanced Hikers:
Consult the "More Difficult" and "Most Difficult" listings in "Trails by Difficulty".