Wachter Master Tailwater Float Walnut


Product Description

The Master Tailwater net measures 26.5 inches in total length with an 18.5 x 13 inch basket featuring a deep net bag. At this size the Tailwater is a pefect net for the walk and wade angler targeting large fish.

All Wachter Master Series nets are composed of a 3-ply wooden bow and solid handle, which may be crafted from any of the following wood species: walnut, sycamore, curly maple, curly oak, myrtle, red pecan, birds eye maple, Bois D'arc, curly birch, curly cherry, willow, and mesquite. The wood is finished with polymerized tung oil and UV-resistant marine grade polyurethane followed by a final polishing These nets are also equipped with a brass eye-let and magnetic quick release, allowing for easy attachment to a pack or vest. The net bag is clear molded rubber, a material that is less abrasive on the fish and prevents fly tangling.